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Reno, Nevada NFTs

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The Reno City Key

Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada

The Biggest Little City in the World

Reno — known as The Biggest Little City in the World — may be known for its neon lights and casinos, but there is so much more to do and see! From exploring the fine dining and shopping to the vast outdoors and world class entertainment, plus who can miss Burning Man?!?!

Reno is a must for all:


Upcycled shipping containers are a uniquely engaging destination in Reno — make sure to visit The Eddy in Downtown Reno near the Truckee River.

Burning Man

Burning Man, known for its experience, community and culture — as well as unique artwork, those who love spending time in the desert. The Burning Man experience prides itself in its positive spiritual change in the world.


A trip to Reno would not be complete without the gaming. With over 20 casinos to choose from, Reno has a casino for you!

The Reno City Key could unlock experiences such as:

Start Your Engines

Bring the entire family to the National Automobile Museum for a private screening of Pixar’s “Cars”. Plus, sit in life-sized replicas of Lightning McQueen and the beloved tow-truck, Mater. Afterwards, find a cozy spot and sleep in autos owned by Sinatra, Elvis, and even Batman.

Be a Baller

The ultimate high-roller experience at Caesars. Skip the crowds and enjoy a VIP experience tailored to provide access to big payouts, private rooms, a personal manager, gifts, exclusive access to special events, and special bonuses.

Burning Man

Experience Burning Man through the lens of the elite – enjoy a personal stylist’s dress recommendations, a private chef, and access to a special music performance under the stars.

Tackle the Truckee, Glamping

For outdoor lovers, meet your Olympic guide and traverse the Tom Cooke Trail with expert tips of the trade. Be prepared to challenge yourself with VIP access to the Huffaler Park Loop Trail and then rest your bones after with a five star luxury camping experience, including a private chef and string quartet.

Reno, Nevada