City Key


Yes, you can pay with a credit card, however please note, you will need a wallet that supports NEAR Protocol to hold your NFT.

Yes, CityKey NFTs are minted on The NEAR Protocol and thus, one can use or can trade with NEAR cryptocurrency.  Since you will need a NEAR Wallet to hold your NFT,   and if you don’t already have a wallet that supports NEAR Protocol, we recommend:

In simple terms, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital file that contains a one-of-a-kind code and is permanently recorded on a blockchain. Accordingly, an NFT cannot be altered, thus guaranteeing authenticity and provenance.

A Digital Wallet is a secure place to store cryptocurrency and NFTs.

If you are new to NFTs, we suggest using the NEAR Wallet (although any Digital Wallet compatible with NEAR Protocol will work). Go to https://wallet.near.organd follow the instructions to create a NEAR Wallet.

Be sure to save your wallet address, secret recovery code, and password in a safe place because there is no centralized authority to perform a password reset for you. Your wallet is only identified by its address, not by your email or phone number, so don’t forget your address, especially if your computer or device is lost or crashes.



The NEAR protocol is a sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain that is simple to use, secure and scalable.

Open your NEAR wallet and click through prompts to view your artwork.

Once you purchase an NFT, it will appear in your wallet in a matter of seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of concurrent transactions on the NEAR Protocol blockchain.

NFT’s are permanently and immutably recorded on the blockchain, thus proving ownership and provenance.