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While I was away…

“Ro” Stephenson

Edition of 100

“Ro” Stephenson


Robert “JustRo” Stephenson is an immersive visual storyteller and mechanical engineer who utilizes multiple visual mediums to execute his works. JustRo explores identity by immersing himself in the people, places, and things along his travels and explorations. The resultant work focuses on illustrating powerful and accessible stories he has gathered along the way.

JustRo believes art is an impactful communication tool, and if used unselfishly, art can engage a wide spectrum of community members, increasing the net impact across all groups. JustRo’s role as a Resident Artist is to help bridge the gap between technology and
people through his art.

JustRo’s focus is on the relationships between the narrative and creative process. This method allows his work to be collaborative and open to new perspectives.

JustRo is a visual storyteller who engages communities on far reaching topics.