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Washington DC NFTs

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Washington, DC

Where inclusion and diversity meet prosperity. We are Washington, DC.

Washington, DC is a city that welcomes all, cherishing the contributions of its diverse residents and global community. This is why DC is the third most livable city in the country, recognized as a cultural epicenter and historic center of black culture.

Washington, DC is a resilient city that pivots and grows in the face of challenges. We will continue to be the best city in the world to do business, bring big ideas to life, and set the standard for inclusive prosperity.

The Vacant-to-Visual Program

On June 7, 2022, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the predecessor agency to the DC Department of Buildings (DOB), launched the Vacant-to-Visual Program to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods across the District of Columbia by transforming vacant properties into artistic sites within the community, thereby reducing eyesores until properties can be returned to productive use.

The Vacant-to-Visual Program was featured in five Wards in the District using trompe l’oeil decals, original art, and/or colored designs created by local and regional artists of color.

Vacant-to-Visual Expansion Using Non-Fungible Tokens

On March 21, 2023, the DC Department of Buildings (DOB) announced an expansion of the Vacant-to-Visual Program into the metaverse by adding new artists, an additional eight buildings, and the launching of a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to support local artists in the program.

The program uses original art and vibrant colored designs to beautify each property in the program and aims to attract investment into neighborhoods.

Residents are encouraged to use the murals as inspiration to bring more color and liveliness to their own properties, thereby enriching the unique flavor of their neighborhood and beautifying the District of Columbia.

The Properties

There are over 4,000 properties classified as vacant or blighted in the District of Columbia. As required by law, each property is first classified as a vacant property by DOB as an initial step to return these properties to productive use.

Washington, DC